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Transparency in the Beverly Hills School Community.



This community needs to be informed. 


What happens this week determines the future of our kids.


The Beverly Hills community needs to know the truth regarding the current status of our school district and its closure. According to the BHEA Teachers' Union minutes from this weekend's emergency meeting, Beverly Hills Board of Education members, Noah Margo and Amanda Stern accepted an invitation from the BHEA teachers’ union and attended its council meeting held on February 11, 2021. Elected Board members attending a union meeting during active contract negotiations is inappropriate and outrageous behavior. It is unknown whether Margo and Stern sought approval from the Board as a whole to represent it at this meeting. 

Per the memo (see below), Margo stated that no one should be forced to work in the time of covid which indicates support for the union position that schools should remain closed, despite the science and applicable law. Margot's pandering to the union indicates his disinterest in championing the rights of the community he was elected to represent. Per multiple sources who attended the meeting, Margo also stated that “the only reason parents want their children to return to school is because they just want them out of the house.” Margo’s opinion disparaging parents is alarming.  Inappropriate behavior from our elected officials entrusted with representing the interests of the community is insulting and offensive. Why did the union invite Stern and Margo specifically? 

While other districts in LA County have been deemed “safe” to return, the BHEA union is actively resisting returning to in-person instruction. “When it’s safe” is the only standard defining return to in-person instruction and that standard is defined readily by the County Department of Health.  Leading medical experts across the country have announced it’s “safe” to return to school. For months, all we’ve heard is we’ll return when it’s safe, yet now, when it’s actually been deemed safe and the schools are physically ready, we have some of the board and the union walking that back. Enough. 

Make your voice heard, and together we can put pressure to open up our schools as soon as possible. BHEA has a public Facebook page. Post your comments to YOUR Board representatives and the union. Send letters to be read in public comment for the February 23, 2021 Board meeting, YouTube, KBEV 6, 5 p.m.  Our youth deserve better than this. The residents of Beverly Hills are entitled to a majority Board that is competent, clear, and transparent. 

BHEA Update - 2.20.2021 - Executive Board Communication

Context of our current situation:
Timeline for the Certificated MOU Addendum #5.
Click here to view Addendum #5

  • December 18th: TA reached at the bargaining table

  • December 22nd: School Board approved Addendum #5 (5-0)

  • December 22nd: BHEA Rep Council approved Addendum #5

  • February 9th: At the BHUSD Board Meeting, several members reaffirmed their commitment to prioritizing COVID safety in BHUSD

  • February 11th: Noah Margo was a guest at our Rep Council meeting. He stated, “I had COVID earlier in January. I don’t wish it on anybody...I’m an advocate of not putting people in harm’s way.”

  • February 12th at 9:30AM: Alana and Penny met with Dr. Bregy and Dr. Horvath regarding classroom set up to be in compliance with COVID safety guidelines

  • February 12th: District and BHEA IA unit negotiated from 10:45AM - 12:00PM

  • February 12th: District sent BHEA 10-day notification of a change in instructional program

  • February 12th: BHEA sent the district communication that this was directly in violation of our MOU Addendum #5

  • February 13th at 5:24PM: BHEA IA President and OTBS President received the 10 day notice

  • February 15th: Dr. Bregy sent an email to community that shows a big red X next to the statements, “Give the 10-day official notice to staff to return”, “Continue negotiations with our labor partners to return to physical school at an Adjusted Case Rate of 25 or below”

  • February 16th: District sent a counter proposal to BHEA reiterating that the 10-day notice had to be given

  • February 17th: BHEA Executive Board held an emergency meeting to discuss these violations to our contract and to plan for the bargaining meeting on Friday, February 19th

  • February 17th: Sent BHEA membership a survey about a physical return

  • February 19th: BHEA Certificated Bargaining Team began meeting at 8:00AM and with the district at 9:00AM. The team continued working on proposals and counter proposals under the guidance of membership survey results and the Executive Board until 6:30PM.

  • February 19th: BHEA Executive Board had an emergency meeting at 3:30PM to give continued guidance to the bargaining team as events continued to unfold.

  • February 19th at 9:11PM: BHUSD Board of Education sent a communication to the community stating the return dates for TK-2 and 3-5. BHEA contends that this is a direct violation to our MOU Addendum #5

  • February 20th: Executive Board met at 11:00AM and have voted to file for injunctive relief with Public Employee Relations Board (PERB)

The Executive Board understands that you will have many questions that need to be answered and conversations that need attention. We have scheduled several General Membership Meetings to accommodate a variety of member’s availability.


General Membership Meetings are scheduled for:

Monday, February 22nd at 4:00PM

Tuesday, February 23rd at 4:00PM

Wednesday, February 24th at 4:00PM


Please use this link to sign up for a meeting that will work for your schedule. The information presented at all meetings will be consistent and time will be allotted for questions and answers. The focus of the meetings will center on the pressing issue of the return to in person instruction for TK-5. We will also discuss how we will organize against the district’s unilateral contract violation.

There is a board meeting on this Tuesday at 6PM, your leadership will be sending a message to be read during public comment. Please be sure to attend and add your name to the chat as you are watching, if you have a statement for public comment please be sure to submit it before the deadline.

In Solidarity,
BHEA Executive Board

“I had COVID earlier in January. I don’t wish it on anybody...I’m an advocate of not putting people in harm’s way.”

- Beverly Hills Unified School District Board Member, Noah Margo

BHEA Union meeting February 11, 2021

Why is a member of the school board

attending a Union meeting?

And, why did he walk back his support of our children?

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